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Understanding Coinsurance

One way clients try to lower their property insurance premiums is to buy coverage for less than 100 percent of the value of the property. Within certain limits, this can be effective, though you need to remember that when you … Continue reading

Is Your Homeowners Insurance Rate Going Up? Here’s Why

Central Florida is a great place to live—we have great beaches, warm temperatures, and a laid-back lifestyle. We also have the second highest average homeowners insurance premiums in the U.S., and our homeowners insurance rates are most likely about to … Continue reading

Lakewood Office Tentatively Set to Reopen to the Public May 4

As you may know, for the month of April, we decided to close our insurance agency to the public in order to protect both our employees and our clients from possible exposure to the COVID-19, coronavirus. During this time, we … Continue reading

Lakewood Financial– Dejenos Servirle

Si esta buscando un nuevo agente de seguros, o si es nuevo en el area de Brandenton/Sarasota, queremos su negocio! Permitanos presentarnos. Una Agencia de Seguros Independiente Lakewood Financial es una agencia de seguros independiente, establecida en el 2003. Servimos … Continue reading

Insurance Help for Real Estate Investors

As real estate investors, you have specialized needs when it comes to insuring investment properties. You may have multiple properties, some of which may be vacant. And those properties may be titled in the name of an individual, an LLC, … Continue reading

Consumers Beware: Your Cheap Insurance Is Probably Cheap for a Reason

While no one wants to pay too much for their insurance, Bradenton/Sarasota consumers need to be cautious if they get insurance quotes that seem too cheap. There’s usually a reason for that—such as the policy being quoted is stripped down … Continue reading

Five Reasons You Might Need an Umbrella Policy

You might think that if you have homeowners and auto insurance, you have enough insurance coverage in place to protect you financially if you’re responsible for an accident of some kind. Unfortunately, that isn’t always true. If you are sued … Continue reading

Own a Small Business? Protect It With This Liability Coverage

Doing business in the 21st century is both easier and more complicated that it used to be. Unfortunately, the employees and tools that help you serve your clients may also be the downfall of your business. Your hard work can be … Continue reading

Is Your Homeowners Insurance Company Going Out of Business? Let Us Help

Florida homeowners insurance is some of the most expensive in the nation, and the homeowners market here is one of the most complex for property insurers. Homeowners insurance companies in Florida must deal with many financial challenges, including claims from … Continue reading

Commercial Auto Insurance Options for Small Businesses to Fleet Vehicles

The start of a new year has many of us thinking of new goals. Maybe one of yours is to start or expand a business. If that’s so, remember that an important protection is the right insurance. Commercial auto insurance … Continue reading