Is It Time for You to Change Car Insurance Companies?

Florida has some of the highest car insurance rates in the U.S, with policies costing about 25% more than the national average—this according to an study based on the rates from six large carriers including Allstate, State Farm, GEICO, and Nationwide. With costs rising all the time, you should comparison shop your car insurance on a regular basis, especially if your current policy is with one of these carriers.

Many people believe that because they’ve been long-time customers of State Farm, Allstate or another large national carrier, they’re getting a great insurance rate. Often, that’s just not true. Many factors go into determining car insurance rates including type of vehicle, coverage purchased, driving records, where you live, and sometimes even your credit rating. Carriers with name recognition like those listed above spend a lot of money on advertising to make you think they have lower rates when they really don’t. Do you want to subsidize their advertising budget, or find the best rates for you?

As an independent agency, Lakewood Insurance represents more than 40 different car insurance companies—not just one. We are often able to save our clients hundreds of dollars each policy term just by placing them with one of our companies.

Give Lakewood Insurance the chance to save you money. Contact us by phone at (941) 747-4600 or email us for a free, no-obligation quote.

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