Traffic Violations that will Increase your Car Insurance

I came across a great article today and wanted to share this information with you, our loyal readers.  At the very top of the list of traffic violations that could increase your car insurance (not surprisingly) was driving under the influence.  According to Quadrant Information Services, a DUI or DWI can increase car insurance premiums by 92.5%.  Driving under the influence is dangerous and carries long term ramifications, so most of us already do our best to avoid putting ourselves in that situation.

However, how often are you running just a couple minutes late to work and you rev up the RPMs on the interstate?  Maybe you’re late to an appointment or just anxious to get home.  Whatever your excuse is, it could cost you so much more than just the speeding ticket you might expect.   On top of the big ticket the local cops will throw at you, your car insurance premiums could increase by as much as 83.3% or more depending on the severity of the ticket.

In general,  there are few things that are in your control to affect your insurance premiums.  You cannot change your gender or make yourself older to help reduce the price of car insurance. You can however, control your driving behavior on the road.  Drive safely and you can minimize your car insurance premiums.  

Check out the full article here.