Flood Insurance – What You Need To Know

Lakewood Financial Flood Insurance With hurricane season fast approaching, Floridians are once again preparing for the worst: storing gallons of water (remember, one gallon per person per day), cans of Spam and Vienna sausages, first aid kits, battery powered radios, flashlights and tons of batteries – we all know how to prepare for a hurricane.

But something that is all too often forgotten, until it’s too late, is the simple fact that a hurricane usually means flooding. We’ve all heard about people losing their homes due to flooding; either because they didn’t realize that homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding or because they thought flood insurance wasn’t necessary while living in a low risk area. A shocking 25% of the National Flood Insurance Program claims come from moderate-to-low risk areas and these areas receive one-third of disaster assistance for flooding.

There are some important factors to consider regarding flood insurance and at Lakewood Financial Services, your local Bradenton insurance agents are ready to help you make an informed decision about what policy is best for your needs. For more information about Flood Insurance, visit our website 

Don’t wait to buy flood insurance, there is usually a 30-day waiting period before it takes effect. So get your free online quote today!